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Nine high school singers will be among the chorus next weekend as the Corvallis Repertory Singers open their 2019-20 season with Karl Jenkins’s 2011 oratorio The Peacemakers.

 It’s all part of CRS’s Choral Internship Program, which invites high-school students to perform alongside their teachers in CRS’s semi-professional setting, with the aim of helping them grow in musicianship and vocal skill.

 Leah Tomlin, choral director at Corvallis High School (?), is mentoring this year’s group, which includes ___ sopranos, ____, altoes, etc. (Comments from Leah to come.)

 Says CRS artistic director Steve Zielke, “Students may see their choral director as just their teacher. But if they sing with their director in a performance, it leads the student to see the teacher in a new light—as a musician, as someone passionate about performing, as someone engaged in lifelong learning about music and singing.”

 Zielke is also the Patricia Valian Reser Professor of Music at Oregon State University, where he directs the choral studies program.

 Come and hear the Corvallis Repertory Singers perform The Peacemakers on Saturday, Nov. 9 (7 p.m.) and Sunday, Nov. 10 (3 p.m.) at the First United Methodist Church in Corvallis. Order your tickets here.