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Singer Alumni

Approximately 50 men and women singers comprise the Corvallis Repertory Singers; an adult, professional-caliber group. Many members have formal vocal training or professional music experience.  All share an enthusiasm for choral music and the opportunity to perform under skilled direction. An audition is requested for membership.

A concert may involve 24 to 50 singers. Because performances are prepared with few rehearsals, singers are expected to learn their parts in advance and/or participate in sectionals outside of regular rehearsals.



Joseph Battrick

Matthew Clark

Matthew Cook

Michael Canon

Steven Evans-Renteria

Daryl Handlin

Larry Hubble

Ben Lake

Raymund Ocampo

Josh Seitz

Bryce Tomlin



Lorenz Bilbo

Anthony Eversole

John Frohnmayer

Ken Gryte

Kodiak Hast

Bruce Hauge

Kevin Helppie

Dave Hockman-Wert

Peter Klammer

Jens Lovtang

James Moursund

Paul Pritchard

John Short

David Wright

David Zielke



Allison Bansen

Clarissa Clark

Judy Corwin

Caitlyn Douglas

Julia Fabrizio

Valerie Gollman

Gale Hazel

Anne Hubble

Jan Maitland

Leanne Merrill

Trina Norman

Virginia Stockwell

Elizabeth Tomasino

Leah Tomlin

Alyssa Wheeler

Theresa Williams

Larissa Zens



Sandra Babb

Lesa Banks

Laura Bunsen

Emlie Cochran

Sharon Edwards

Patty Gerig

Terri Homer

Adrian Laufer

Jaclyn Moses

Emma Nissen

Lauren Ohlgren

Renee Pearson

Melissa Reed

Laura South